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I have a problem when I try to install an iphone application to the device. The problem is that, the Default.png cannot be shown.

The situation is like this: - I've already named the file as "Default.png" instead of "default.png". - It works fine on iPhone/iPad Simulator (for Default~iphone.png/Default@2x~iphone.png/Default~ipad.png) - It works fine when I directly build the application to the device via the USB cable (in iphone sdk) - It does not work when I build and archive the project and install it via the internet. No Default.png is shown, it only shows a black screen with the status bar. (While I've already made it hidden in info.plist)

I've tried to clean all builds and rebuilds the project. I also try to uninstall the app in my device and install it again. It still not working.

Does anyone has the same problem? Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.

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Had a similar issue a few times. Rebooting the device helped. It seems to be an issue of update OTA installations. Hadn't time yet to investigate details when this happens.

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