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For some reason, I can't find the (official) documentation on the iOS SDK's command-line tools (such as xcodebuild). For xcodebuild there's a man page, but I was looking for something more complete, including (hopefully) other tools.

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The Xcode installer installs command-line tools in /Developer/usr/bin. I haven't checked but I'd guess that every important tool in that folder has a man page with more info.

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Thanks. Unfortunately I can't find there the tool I was looking for (something that installs an updated provisioning profile), but this is the answer to my question. –  noamtm Jan 24 '11 at 10:49

I've looked for xcodebuild on the iOS developer site from Apple and cannot find anything substantial. So I have started searching Safari Books Online and I have found a few books which go into build automation and continuous integration which is what I want to learn about in more detail.

Even searching documentation in Xcode via the Organizer shows minimal information. You may have more luck in the Developer Forums which require a login.


Beyond documentation it may also help to find working build scripts. A search on GitHub for xcodebuild in shell scripts reveals many matches. You may find something useful there. I will be digging there myself.


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