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I am a Wicket beginner, and I need to develop a Wicket application using WebSphere Application Server 7.0. I've searched Stack Overflow and Google, and found these resources

but I can't figure out how to run a "Hello, world!" app on WebSphere. Can anyone tell me how to run one, step by step, using Wicket?

For example, for the step "Add a new property called," where will I add the property?

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I have Wicket 1.4 in production on WAS 7.0 and it works just fine - with one exception. I had to use the WicketServlet instead of the WicketFilter.

Try the following:

  1. Create a Wicket Quickstart project
  2. Modify the web.xml to use the Servlet instead of the Filter. The second link you provided contains instructions on how to do do.
  3. Deploy!

I don't recall having to do anything special beyond that.

Note: As I use the Servlet, I have no need to use the property.

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