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HI, I am from a country with incredibly heavy internet censorship. I managed to get some FREE socks 5 proxies like It works well. However, there are still some sites that cant be accessed.

I have done a search, and find out that "Standard Socks5 proxies do not encrypt the connection". Thats why some sites are still blocked. ["Compared to standart Socks 5 proxies SSH Socks encrypt your connection with a AES-256 bit data encryption." but SSH socks and VPN are not free.]

Is it possible to use a software to encrypt the Standard Socks5 proxies?

Thanks a lot! If you come up with an idea, you are helping the whole country!

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Better suited for – Sebastian Paaske Tørholm Jan 23 '11 at 10:55

I have solved my own question. Here is the method: Buy a VPS, Use SSH (Putty) and socks proxy together to encrypt communication. Hope this helps other people.

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check out shadowsocks. But you will need a VPS to run it I think.

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