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My code:

  def start
    redirect_to client.authorization.authorize_url(:redirect_uri => callback_oauth_url,
                                                   :scope => "email,user_birthday,user_hometown,user_interests,user_location,user_notes,user_status,sms,publish_stream")

  def callback
    access_token = client.authorization.process_callback params[:code], :redirect_uri => callback_oauth_url
    session[:access_token] = access_token
    render :json =>! # <-- HERE IS THE ERROR >.<

I went to /oauth/start/ and successfully signed in and allowed my app. Afterwards, Facebook redirected me back to my app, which gave this error:

NoMethodError in OauthController#callback

undefined method `encode_json' for true:TrueClass

We all hate errors and so do I. How can I fix this? Thanks.

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The info! method returns an instance of FBGraph::Result, you need to call data on it so that Rails can encode it into JSON. The following code works fine for me :

render :json =>!.data
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