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when i deploy a project to servicemix i do a "mvn install" then inside servicemix i simply do: "osgi:install -s mvn:my.package.x/proj". now when i want to reference a file inside the package i get a "file not found exception" in my .m2 directory the package structure inside the jar looks like this (if i unpack to look):


now in the processing Class i need to reference the xsl file with camel like this:

.from(url) .to("xslt:file:./data/xsl/transformation.xsl") .process()

i already tried:

  • ../../
  • ./
  • nothing ("xslt:file:data/xsl/tr...")

my question is now: "how do I find resource files inside a deployed container?"

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If your XSL file is packaged in the JAR file, you don't need the file: part in the URI. You can just refer to the location inside the JAR directly, like this:

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yes, that did the trick :) – nils petersohn Jan 23 '11 at 14:46

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