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is there a way i can print __FUNCTION__ as a wide character on linux?

the trick with the WIDEN doesn't work for me, the gcc compiler prints: error: ?L_FUNCTION_? was not declared in this scope

any help? Thanks

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Do you mean WIDEN macro similar to the one from: stackoverflow.com/questions/3291047/… –  VestniK Feb 4 '11 at 6:21

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It can be done using macros, you just have to understand how macros expand. To get a wide char version of the macro you need to create 2 layers of macros like so:

#define WIDE2(x) L##x
#define WIDECHAR(x) WIDE2(x)


The all important piece is the L##x that appends the L character to the string constant before the compiler sees it. You can do this to FILE as well using the same technique.

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That looks more like a typo of __FUNCTION__ than an issue with widen() or similar, at least if you pasted the exact error message.

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FUNCTION is a variable name instantiated by the compiler at each function in the code, this variable is being declared with ASCII representation (char*). hence, u cannot take this and convert to wide char without allocating a new wide character and copy into it using wcscopy –  sramij Mar 28 '11 at 11:14

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