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I'm using RowSorter in JTable and when I sort one of the column and call the method getSelectedRowData() it return wrong data.

public Object getSelectedRowData()
    if(getDataArray() != null)
        if(grid.getRowSorter() != null)
            return ((GridModel) grid.getRowSorter().getModel()).getData().get(grid.getSelectedRow());
            return model.getData().get(grid.getSelectedRow());
        return null;

I think that the problem is that the sorter sort the table data but the ArrayList with data isn't reloaded. How I can fix it?

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never mind I found the solution. I just have to use convertRowIndexToModel method. –  Jordan Borisov Jan 23 '11 at 14:02

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For getting current selected data you can convert selected row number in view to model row number.

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