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I recently came across this connection pool implementation.


I find it quite interesting.

Did anyone try this out? I think it looks great except the fact that it does not support automatic retry and statement cache like c3p0.

Does anyone one know how it compares to c3p0?

Till now I used c3p0 but I find it's connection handling in a multi-thread environment problematic. It opens way too much connections compared to number of application threads.


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I've used it in one of my projects and it works great.

I can think of only one online article which compares Tomcat pool to C3P0: tomcatexpert.com. The C3P0 benches are however pretty off, their excuse was that they couldn't configure it to its max on Tomcat.

I'd say, for the most reliable data, just give it a try and bench yourself. I did and it satisfied me.

See also:

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