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I'm trying to use a C struct in Cython, that defines a linked list:

typedef struct {  
    struct query_result* next_result;  
    char*                result;   
} query_result;

As you can see I'm using the query_result type inside its own definition. Using this as is, in Cython gives me compiler errors:

cdef extern from 'c_wrapper.h':  
    struct query_result:  
        struct query_result* 

Any ideas about how to properly handle this recursive definition in Cython?

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Please use code blocks. Indent your code with four spaces and SO will turn it into code. –  robert Jan 23 '11 at 15:40

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You shouldn't use the struct keyword when you are referring to the type:

cdef extern from 'c_wrapper.h':  
    struct query_result:  
        query_result* more
        char* data
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