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Hibernate has example criteria: For example:

Example equal = Example.create(mydbObject);

Is there a way to do the opposite, For example:

Example notEqual = Example.createNotEqual(mydbObject);

or anything similar that to create a not equal criteria. I don't want to go through each fields and not Restrictions.ne on it.


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Do you mean to create a criteria that fetches all objects except the one specified? –  KLibby Aug 20 '11 at 10:09

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Use it with s.createCriteria(YourClass.class).add(Restrictions.not(notEqual));.

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I looking for the same restriction method for "not equal" and according to the document, it's

List list = getSession().createCriteria("you.pakcage.hibernate.Example")

by this way you retreat a list contain all the Example object except those whose myProperty property is "blablabla".

May be not exactly what you what, but it achieve the same thing for me .

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