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I am working on a Ruby on Rails web application. I want to validate the uniqueness of more than one field together. How can i do this?

For example: I have a model named waiting with three fields:

project_id category_id and user_id

I want to ensure that i won't have two identical rows in all three fields.

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Why not just to:

validates_uniqueness_of :user_id, :scope => [:project_id, :category_id]


add_index :waitings, [:project_id, :category_id, :user_id], :unique => true

Read API:

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It's not pretty but this works for me:

class Waiting < ActiveRecord::Base
  validate :must_be_unique

  def must_be_unique
    if self.class.where(project_id: project_id, category_id: category_id, user_id: user_id).exists?
      errors.add(:base, 'Must be unique')

Of course you could just use a unique key in your db schema and then catch the relevant exceptions on the rare occasion you need to.

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looking for something a little cleaner... more rails... –  Nayish Jan 23 '11 at 16:22
Fair enough. It should be possible to implement a new EachValidator for this; I'd certainly like to see one. –  noodl Jan 23 '11 at 16:46

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