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Is it possible to implement object-level security with a custom ActionFilterAttribute?

I read Branislav Abadjimarinov's answer to Get permission from Authorize Attribute? and started thinking about making an AuthorizeAttribute-like action filter for implementing object-level security.

Suppose I were to call it ObjectAuthorizeAttribute with the intended usage:

public ActionResult Edit(int id)

What would be the easiest way to access the ID value within OnActionExecuting?

Is something like this already available?

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You can extend the AuthorizeAttribute and have access to things like RouteData via the AuthorizationContext. If you are doing authorization I think it makes more sense to start from the AuthorizeAttribute rather than ActionFilterAttribute.

var id = filterContext.RouteData.Values["id"];
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I was wrong. Even though Values is a dictionary from strings to objects, RouteData.Values["id"] is still a string in my case even though I specify int id in the method signature. Regardless, your mentioning the RouteData property was extremely helpful. –  Daniel Trebbien Jan 23 '11 at 23:03
var id = filterContext.HttpContext.Request["id"];
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This will work for Edit?id=1 but not for Edit/1, which is usually the same page in MVC. –  Tom Clarkson Jan 24 '11 at 2:26

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