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fairly simple question I think that I couldn't find the answer to in the docs (http://kohanaframework.org/guide/orm/relationships)

I have the need to define relationships with several Models (in bold) (each has a corresponding table) at once, if that makes sense.

I have several models that have slightly intertwined relationships.

the connection model $_belongs_to the user. This code works fine, great. But the connection also needs to $_has_one song (i can haz cheezeburger??), and to $has_one keyword, if that makes sense.

This is because I want to access the song name and keyword name through the connection, for instance using $connection->song->name, and then $connection->keyword->name...

SO, the problem is I can't seem to chain the relationships detailed above, as I can only declare one relationship per model.... so how do I do this? Or maybe there's another much easier way of doing it that I'm unaware of...

I presume I'm being a n00b and would love some help on this. Cheers.

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You can collect relationships in arrays:

class Model_Connection extends ORM {

   protected $_belongs_to = array(
      'user' => array(), 

   protected $_has_one = array(
      'song' => array(),
      'keyword' => array(),


PS. But it seems like both song and keyword must be in a $_belongs_to property (one song has many connections, one connection belongs to song).

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thanks, although for others' reference, you have to use the correct notation including the blank array after, so protected $_belongs_to = array( 'user'=> array(), ); –  Fred Stevens-Smith Jan 24 '11 at 18:43

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