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I am new to Unit Testing world, basically I am c++ developer working on a large product for almost 3 years, and now I've decided to perform automated unit testing of my code. For this I do lot of research on the internet and came across many tools and frameworks and finally chose the following two: 1) Boost Test Libraries 2) Google Test Framework for c++

Now I am confused as to which to choose from those. If someone uses any of the above then please share your experience.

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The answer for old SO question "boost.test vs. CppUnit" compares Boost and Google Test. –  aponomarenko Jan 25 '11 at 20:06

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The below SO posts pretty much answer your questions

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Suggest you take a look at googlemock, a superset of googletest. Googlemock has all the testing capabilities of googletest plus the mocking capabilities of googlemock.

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If you are already using Boost libraries, then stick to Boost Test Libs. It should take care of most of your logging requirements. Otherwise, Google-test is recommended. I've used it in a large project and found it easier to use. Most importantly compiler-error messages are easier to locate in GTEST; boost uses templates.

I have never written complicated tests using either of these two libraries. For simple tests, any of them would do fine. Although google-test will save you some compile time.

Boost-test with boost-log is really a good combination. Try it!

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