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My application.cfc uses the OnRequestStart to check users are logged in

<cfif not isDefined("session.auth.isLoggedIn")>
  <cfinclude template="loginForm.cfm">

and this is mangling my attempts to use a gateway service which errors out with

Error invoking CFC for gateway watchInboundFiles: null {GATEWAYTYPE={FileWatcher},ORIGINATORID={},CFCMETHOD={onDelete},DATA={{FILENAME={C:\temp\New Text Document.txt},TYPE={DELETE}}},CFCPATH={F:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\watch_dir.cfc},GATEWAYID={watchInboundFiles}}.

If I comment out the OnRequestSTart method the gateway works as expected.

Someone else ran into this before here and a solution is apparently to

add a new application.cfc which extended my original but overrode the onRequestStart() - which worked perfectly.

So how do I do that please?

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To answer your question:

Your new Application.cfc will live in another directory but extend your original:

<cfcomponent extends="path.to.my.original.Application">

  <cffunction name="onRequestStart">
    <!--- No login code here --->


All other functions are available as usual.

Hoep that helps! More info here.

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Yeah, thats the info I was looking for thanks. In the end used the "proxy method Sean Corfield describes here corfield.org/entry/Extending_Your_Root_Applicationcfc –  Saul Jan 23 '11 at 22:57

You could also add something to the application.cfc to see if the call is coming from the gateway. If so then skip the if block.

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How would I do that? –  Saul Jan 23 '11 at 20:16
I spent many hours trying to make a iron-clad determination of a gateway call vs. a webserver-originated call, and was unable to do it to my satisfaction, so I ended up doing the extra application.cfc thing myself. But, if you want to try, the only things I found as markers were various missing CGI variables. –  Edward M Smith Jan 23 '11 at 20:27

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