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I'm building a project using the gnu autotools on the mac. Everything compiles fine but I'm having issues linking in with dynamic libraries. How do I specify install_name in my Makefile.am scripts. I thought it might be something like the following:

    lib_LTLIBRARIES = libphysics.la

    libphysics_la_SOURCES = PhysicsEngine.cpp\


        -install_name "./.libs/libphysics.0.dylib"

...yet when I do:

otool -D libphysics.0.dylib

in the .libs directory I get


(but I want it to something like .libs/libphysics.0.dylib)

I know it must be something simple, any ideas?



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After hacking around, it seems that the correct entry in the Makefile.am file should be:

             -Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker "`pwd`/.libs"\
             -Xlinker -install_name -Xlinker "`pwd`/.libs/libphsyics.0.dylib"

I don't know why this works. The trick was to add pairs of '-Xlinker' flags before and after each of '-rpath' and '-install_name'. If anyone can tell me why this is necessary, I'd be grateful.



EDIT: I should point out that the post How to set the runtime path (-rpath) of an executable with gcc under Mac OSX? was helpful in working this out.

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