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I have a question similar to my previous question.

In the same app I have the VoteHandler that adds +1 when users click on the up arrow and then redirects to the same page.

Now that I added the url parameters to the pages and urls look like this


I need to be able to redirect to the correct page.

And as mentioned here by Nick Johnson referrer is not a good way of redirecting.

I would appreciate help about how to fix VoteHandler so that it redirects to the correct page.


class VoteHandler(webapp.RequestHandler):
    def get(self, id):
        id = int(id)
        item = Item.get_by_id(id)

        user = users.get_current_user()

        if user:
            greeting = ("%s (<a href='%s'>sign out</a>)" %
                           (user.nickname(), users.create_logout_url(self.request.uri)))

            #--check if user voted on this item before--#
            query  = SiteUser.all()
            query.filter("liked_items =", (str(item.key().id())))
            already_voted = query.get()

            if already_voted:
                query = SiteUser.all()          
                query.filter("site_user =", users.get_current_user())

                data = query.get()

                data.total_votes += 1
                data.liked_items = str(item.key().id())
                data.site_user = users.get_current_user()


                item.points += 1

                if self.request.referrer == 'http://localhost:8083//newest':
                elif self.request.referrer == 'http://localhost:8083/hot':
                #How do I fix this line to get the correct url parameter?
                elif self.request.referrer == 'http://localhost:8083/dir?type=tshirt':
            greeting = ("<a href='%s'>Sign in with your Google account or register</a>." %


The answer by systempuntoout works great but I had to change the vote link in Directory from




so that I could get the merchandise_type in VoteHandler:

for item in items:
                                   <a href="/vote/%s?type=%s"> ^ </a><a href="%s">%s</a> <span id='Small'>(%s)</span><br /> 
                                   <div id='Small'> 
                                     %s points %s by %s <a href="/item/%s"></a> | 
                                     <a href="/item/%s#disqus_thread"></a>
                               </li><br /> """ % 
                                    (str(item.key().id()), merchandise_type, item.url, item.title, urlparse(item.url).netloc,
                                    item.points,"%B %d, %Y %I:%M%p"), item.user_who_liked_this_item, str(item.key().id()), str(item.key().id())))                               

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I would use the type parameter in this way:

class VoteHandler(webapp.RequestHandler):
    def get(self, id):
        id = int(id)
        item = Item.get_by_id(id)
        merchandise_type = self.request.get("type", "")
        self.redirect('/%s' % merchandise_type)
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Thanks for your answer. It works great. But I had to add the merchandise_type to vote link in the Directory handler otherwise I couldn't get the type in the VoteHandler. I put an update for the record. Thanks again. – Zeynel Jan 24 '11 at 0:22

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