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I am manually calling .click() on a button on a page in my jquery/javascript code.

I need to pass a parameter to click that I can then read on the function that responds to the click event.

is this possible?

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You need to invoke .trigger(). You can pass over any amount of arguments there.

$('element').trigger('click', [arg1, arg2, ...]);

These extra parameters are then passed into the event handler:

$('element').bind('click', function(event, arg1, arg2, ...) {

Reference: .trigger()

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No. Your onclick event is separate from your click() function. Normally, this would be possible through arguments[], but in this case you're going to have to use a variable.

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<button id='test'>

var btn = $("button#test");
btn.attr("param", "my parameter");;
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What kind of argument do you want to pass? I get that these argument are static, since clicking on a button cannot give you any sort of computation.

When you catch the click, you can use this, thus, use it to see what kind of arguments you want to pass


<input type="button" id="foo" />

And your JS:


function iNeedParams(bar, baz) {
  // Computation

$("id").click(function() {
  var me = $(this);
  // me contains the object
  // me.attr("id") gives you its ID, then you can call
  iNeedParams("hello", "world");
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