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I'm want to build a app that allows people to drag and drop simple shapes onto it, and allow them to rotate, resize them.

Are there any tool kits that offer this functionality for .NET--I'd like to avoid writing this from scratch?

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The closest I've found to such things is this:

Having done something like this previously, I think its much simpler than it looks. Its just the adorner bit thats a little tricky. But the code project article explains it quite nicely.

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If you follow this it'll show you how to drag and drop between Itemscontrols in WPF.

Bea Stolnitz drag and drop tutorial in WPF

For a GUI application you can then modify this to drag shapes from your items control to a canvas with the left click and with the right click you can then rotate item.

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Here is a demo program with source code: Crafting a C# Forms Editor from scratch It doesn't have all the features you need but can be a good start.

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