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When I make a grammar file and do a yacc -d on it, I get a output file. Is there any way that I can feed the values of the tokens I want into yacc instead of it picking the values?

For example,

%token    FIRST_NAME
%token    LAST_NAME

produces (in

#define   FIRST_NAME  257
#define   LAST_NAME   258

I know that the first 256 values are reserved for single character matches, but i would really like FIRST_NAME to be #defined as 1001 and LAST_NAME to be #defined as 1002. What this means is that I would choose the #defines and put them into an include file before I do a yacc on the grammar file.

Is this possible?


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I started reading the GNU bison manual and it said that you could do

%token FIRST_NAME    1001
%token LAST_NAME     1002

in bison and it would use these values. I then just tried it for yacc, and it works as well.

Thanks for your time.

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