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I have a div tag with id "chart" but how do I get Protovis to render the chart inside that tag?

I tried the canvas method but it did not work.

var vis = new pv.Panel().canvas("chart").width(width).height(height)

I need to keep my JS code the greates the chart as part of the framework I'm working on and can't have scripttags inside the HTML body.

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This definitely works for me in the latest version of Protovis (3.2):

<div id="#chart-div"></div>

var vis = new pv.Panel().canvas('chart-div')

Make sure its the root panel though.


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it did for me too now, I must have failed to append the tag to the document or something, I got it working now... Thanks –  Tirithen Jan 26 '11 at 9:50

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