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Our company has a VB6 program, and it now needs to be integrated with some internal web applications / web services. In order to interact with those web services, parameters need to be URL-encoded. However, VB6 doesn't provide such as HttpUtility.UrlEncode(), as well as the default charset is Unicode rather than UTF-8. I'm seeking a most easier and portable way to make the VB6 web request to conform to the standard. Please kindly advise.

Thanks! William Choi

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You might also like to look at some other questions on calling web services from VB6 – MarkJ Jan 25 '11 at 1:46
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You might consider UrlEscape in shlwapi.dll.

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I found myself the helpers listed in the following link. They're really helpful and portable. Unicode string to UTF8 bytes in VB6.0

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You may have to write your own encoder.

It's not terribly difficult.

This Wikipedia article can help you get started.

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