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We are trying to use boost asio deadline_timers on an android device. we have a requirement where we need to fire a timer every 100 msec. I have used the code as follows. However, the timer seems to be fired every 1 second. What should we fine tune in the Android system for the boost asio deadline timer to work as expected?

Note: the following code works as expected on a plain linux system. What makes it work differently on an Andorid system?


void print(asio::deadline_timer* ptimer, const asio::error_code& err)

 struct timeval tval;

 if(0 == gettimeofday(&tval, NULL))
  std::cout <<" Timer...  sec::microsec = "<<tval.tv_sec<<"::"<<tval.tv_usec<< std::endl;
    std::cout <<" Timer...  gettimeofday Error!" << std::endl;

 ptimer->async_wait(boost::bind(&print, ptimer, asio::placeholders::error));


Output on a Android device

Timer...  sec::microsec = 1298328679::39207
Timer...  sec::microsec = 1298328680::46773
Timer...  sec::microsec = 1298328681::54624
Timer...  sec::microsec = 1298328682::63861
Timer...  sec::microsec = 1298328683::65740
Timer...  sec::microsec = 1298328684::69301
Timer...  sec::microsec = 1298328685::76500
Timer...  sec::microsec = 1298328686::85768
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do you know if asio is using the epoll reactor on Android? –  Sam Miller Jan 24 '11 at 17:21

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You might want to make sure your android environment end up having BOOST_DATE_TIME_HAS_HIGH_PRECISION_CLOCK defined.

If you take a look at the default timer_traits in boost/asio/time_traits.hpp, you'll see that if this is not defined, asio will use the second_clock as its timer.

This define comes from boost/date_time/compiler_config.hpp, conditional on BOOST_HAS_GETTIMEOFDAY or BOOST_HAS_FTIME. Given your example, presumably the former should be defined.

I don't know if android is considered its own platform or if boost detects it as linux. In boost/config/platform/linux.hpp it's defined as:

// If glibc is past version 2 then we definitely have
// gettimeofday, earlier versions may or may not have it:
#if defined(__GLIBC__) && (__GLIBC__ >= 2)

This is probably where you want to add an additional condition for android.

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