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I have implemented a custom membership provider and have the following class;

public class ProfileCommon : ProfileBase
    #region Members
    public virtual string Title
        get { return ((string)(this.GetPropertyValue("Title"))); }
        set { this.SetPropertyValue("Title", value); }

I then, in my controller want to do the following;

    public ActionResult EditInvestorRegistration(FormCollection collection)
        ProfileCommon profileCommon= new ProfileCommon();

This kinda fails when title is not included with the error;

Property accessor 'Title' on object 'Models.ProfileCommon' threw the following exception:'The settings property 'Title' was not found.'

If I get rid of the attribute [Required... it works fine but now I no longer have automatic validation on my object.

Now, I know I could check each property at a time and get around the issue but I'd dearly like to use DataAnnotations to do the work for me.

Any ideas?

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It seems strange that you are using a custom profile class as action input instead of a view model:

public class ProfileViewModel
    public string Title { get; set; }

and then in your controller you could use AutoMapper to convert between the view model and the model class which will update the profile:

public ActionResult EditInvestorRegistration(ProfileViewModel profileViewModel)
    ProfileCommon profileCommon = AutoMapper.Map<ProfileViewModel, ProfileCommon>(profileViewModel);
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I think your right. I'll move to a view model instead. Thanks –  griegs Jan 24 '11 at 21:37

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