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i have a pivot table with:

  1. Teams as the Row Label
  2. Regions as the Column Label

and count of Application data

i want to have a column that displays the Region with the highest count for each Team.

So if my table looks like this:

Team | US | Europe | Asia
Team A 3 2 1
Team B 1 2 3
Team C 1 1 3
Team D 1 2 3

for Team A it would return US. For Team D it would return Asia is this possible?

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Two ideas:

  • use conditional formating on the pivot table
  • try something along a custom maxif function (see this blogpost) on the pivot datasource

EDIT: If you copy the pivot table to a normal sheet, you could use the index twice to get what you want. Assuming your example data resides in A1:D5, you could put in E2 for instance


If you have a row with two maximum values, the first max column will be returned.

Google refine appears to be a free tool very well suited for this kind of data manipulation.

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what if i copy the pivot table to a regular "table" in excel. is there anyway to get that formula then ?? – leora Jan 24 '11 at 12:22

There is no need to copy the PT to a 'regular' table:


in H4 in the example and copied down to suit may to serve.

SO4779080 example

However, this does only pick the first instance of a maximum value that is repeated within a row (example adapted to show this) whereas Conditional Formatting does not have this possible drawback when applied to =C4:E7 with a rule such as:

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