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I have an application which hits the server for communication. In case, my server address changes, i want to incorporate that changed address in the application from the device itself.

I dont want to build my application again and sync it with itunes and then with my device. As an administrator, i want to update the url from outside.

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I would suggest using NSUserDefaults and a Settings Bundle to modify the URL. It would then be a user preference which can have a sensible default, but then can be changed from outside the app without recompilation. See the "Implementing Application Preferences" section of Apple's iOS Application Programming Guide.

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This would require the user of the app to change the value. Sounded like he wanted only the app creator to be able to modify it. Is this correct, @samarth? –  raidfive Jan 24 '11 at 8:10

If my comment to Christian's answer is valid, why don't you use an actual domain name instead of a server address? Then it doesn't matter if your IP changes.

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