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With Pressflow 6.20 (port of Drupal), my aim is to setup memcache. I am having cache consistency issues:

  1. Menu showing wrong inactive tabs.
  2. Passing a variable at the end of the url ?val=test is useless.
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You don't need pressflow just for memcached. Memcached runs fine on a vanilla Drupal. I am quite certain that your problems are not caused by memcached, but by a misconfigured pressflow. –  berkes Jan 24 '11 at 16:48
This might be good to know. The caching with memcache and pressflow didn't work properly for a site that I set up. After debugging I found that the page_cache_lifetime var is never set with the consequence that the value of CACHE_TEMPORARY is used. I found this bug report that states that using memcached isn't a best practice, so that won't be considered as a critical bug and hence not fixed: bugs.launchpad.net/pressflow/+bug/575754 –  John P Jan 3 '12 at 9:09
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Don NOT use memcached with Pressflow. It is absolutely unnecessary and hassle. I've seen a lot of performace boost after after I saw andrew's answer here and disabled memcached on Pressflow. John P's comment above seems to refer to the same (set of) problems.

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