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I do have an unusual situation, because I have to migrate an svn repostitory from svn-server 1.6 to svn-server 1.5. The issue is that the are no tools for downgrade available. Do anyone know some scripts or have the expirience with downgrading of svn repositories?



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You could use svnsync to move the content from one repository to another.

Normally svnsync is intended for keeping a read-only mirror up to date, but I believe it will work fine for a one-time migration also. It also has the advantage of working purely as an SVN client, so you don't need administrative access on the server.

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Thanks a lot, its a good idea! I'll try that :) –  eglobetrotter Jan 24 '11 at 11:34
Having played with this myself now, you might want to clean up the svn:sync-* revprops once you're done: see svn proplist --revprop -r 0 for the list –  Rup Feb 1 '11 at 16:40

Apart from Wim's suggestion svnsync the other option is a full dump / reload; use the Subversion 1.6 svnadmin to dump the repostitory out e.g.

svnadmin dump --incremental --deltas > dump_file

and then use 1.5 tools to load this back in to a clean repository

svnadmin create repository_15
svnadmin load repository_15 < dump_file

You will then have to copy over hooks from the old repository into the new repository and run svnadmin pack if you use that, etc.

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Plus, svnadmin 1.7 and newer can create repositories in older formats (--pre-1.4-compatible/--pre-1.5-compatible/--pre-1.6-compatible options) –  sendmoreinfo Mar 18 at 11:32

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