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I am sorry for my poor English. I'm grateful I have the answer.

I work in Drupal to do the following: Edit User Page Fields (change password) in the Profile Settings page to show that can be edited all at once.

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If I got it right and you are trying to update the password for all the users then you should have a look at the users table. Be carefull not to change the users that have the uid = 0 (anonymous user) and uid = 1 (the super-admin user).

So if you want to change the password for all the users run the following SQL querie:

UPDATE `users` SET `pass` = MD5('your_new_password_goes_here') WHERE `uid` NOT IN (0,1)

The above querie will update the password for all the users except the anonymous user and the super-admin user. I'm not sure why you would want to reset the password for all the users, but hope it serves you well :)

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