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Me used imageview to display image.
I set the scale type as ScaleType.MATRIX
There is option for scaling (zooming), dragging and all. All this are done by doing matrix manipulations mainly postTranslate and postScale
My problem now it can be drag such that the image is not in the screen
So how we get how much it is dragged.
In brief
I have two matrix (android.graphics.Matrix) one the initial stage and the other that i got after drag and zoom. Now from this 2 matrices i want to calculate how much it moved in x-direction and y-direction?
What matrix operation i need to do here.
Thank you

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2 Answers

You can get float array of matrix's values using getValues function. The 2nd (Matrix.MTRANS_X) and 5th (Matrix.MTRANS_Y) values of matrix are transitions in x and y directions.


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You need to apply the matrix to get the transformed coordiantes. Matrix class has a few methods that will give you tranformed coordinates.

Look at

  • mapPoints
  • mapVectors
  • mapRect

Once you have the points (original and the transformed) you can easily calculate the distance using euclidean distance.

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