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I'm trying for a few hours now to generate an xml string from my grid's data , when the columns names will be the tag names and the content of the grid will be inside of them. my grid is initialized with xmlReader. I tried using:

var dataFromGrid = {row: grid.jqGrid('getGridParam', 'data') }; var xmldata = xmlJsonClass.json2xml (dataFromGrid, '\t'); alert(xmldata);

but it did not work for me. how can this be done? it will be better not using json, if it's possible. Thank's In advance.


This is my code: I'm using datatype xml.

                datatype: "xml",
                height: '100%',
                width: '100%',
                    {name:'group_order',xmlmap:'group_order', width:80, align:"right",sorttype:"int"},
                    {name:'claim',xmlmap:'claim', width:70, align:"right",sorttype:"int"},
                    {name:'beneficiary_description',xmlmap:'beneficiary_description', width:120, align:"right",sorttype:"string"},
                    {name:'insurance_code_description',xmlmap:'insurance_code_description', width:120, align:"right",sorttype:"string"}},
                xmlReader: {
                multiselect: false,
                autowidth: true,
                forceFit: false,
                shrinkToFit: false,
                caption: " xxxxxx "

If i understood you correctly it will work only on local data? What is the solution for data that is not local? Thank's again.

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If you fill the grid once and use no server side data paging or server side searching, than probably you should just add loadonce:true to your grid. It could solve your problem. You can add additionally parameters like rowNum:10 and rowList:[10,20,100,1000], which gives you local data paging, sorting and after small modifications also local searching/filtering. – Oleg Jan 24 '11 at 15:06
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Look at the answer. You will find here a working demo which do what you need.

UPDATED: It is important, that you include definition of jqGrid in your question. The data parameter will be filled only in case of local data (for example if you use datatype:"local", datatype:"xmlstring" or use loadonce:true additional parameter which changes the datatype to datatype:"local" after the first load of data. So if my old answer will help you not you should append your question with additional informations.

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