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I have a set of web services coded. Need to create an application combining some of share point 2010 features plus functionalities of my services. I was thinking of deploying the services as a part of the sharepoint application (in a virtual directory) i'm building [Not hosting as a separate application elsewhere since I do not want the service calls(script calls) to end up cross-domain]

Is this the right approach. If yes, what needs to be ensured while making my services a part of a sharepoint application using a virtual directory

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@Marek: I have a set of services already coded in .net (which is no way related to sharepoint). Now I want to create a sharepoint application which consumes these services. I want them to be a part of the same application implies the services should be accessible via the same url (other than _vti_bin would be good for a better logical separation) –  Ajay Jan 28 '11 at 4:18

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You can use the SPDev tool to generate the SharePoint web service disco.aspx and wsdl.aspx files:

SPDev.exe -o GenWS -url http://Central-Administration-URL -asmx CustomWS.asmx

Then deploy all needed assemblies to GAC and copy the .asmx, disco.aspx, wsdl.aspx files to the 14 hive\ISAPI folder.

I don't think you can have path other than _vti_bin (or _vti_adm if deployed the service to the 14 hive\ADMISAPI folder), but you can deploy the web services to a subfolder and use URL like http://Site/_vti_bin/CustomDotNetWebServices/CustomWS.asmx.

SharePoint 2010 supports custom services - both ASP.NET and WCF ones:

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