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I got one Alretdialog with an EditText and a Seekbar. By using the Seekbar, i want to change the background color of my edittext.
Changing the seekbar color works, but not changing the edittext background color.

    EditText newSubjectEdit;
    SeekBar colorSeeker;
    Builder subjectAlert;
    LinearLayout lg;
private Builder getNewSubjectAlert() {
            subjectAlert = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);

            lg = new LinearLayout(getApplicationContext());

            newSubjectEdit = new EditText(getApplicationContext());

            colorSeeker = new SeekBar(getApplicationContext());

            // set ok and cancel ...

the listener:

        SeekBar.OnSeekBarChangeListener seekBarChangeListener = new OnSeekBarChangeListener() {

            public void onStopTrackingTouch(SeekBar seekBar) {
                // TODO Auto-generated method stub


            public void onStartTrackingTouch(SeekBar seekBar) {
                // TODO Auto-generated method stub


            public void onProgressChanged(SeekBar seekBar, int progress, boolean fromUser) {
                seekBar.setBackgroundColor(color);  // works !!
                newSubjectEdit.setBackgroundColor(color);  // doesn't work

hope you understand what i mean...

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ifound prob.as you have add view dynamicalle.newSubjectEdit called more than once.so it is overridden.and for seekbar seekbar.OnSeekBarChangeListener gives you seekbar as arg. which is referenced.so it gives correct object

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ok, but how can I access and edit the EditText ? –  Lord Flash Jan 24 '11 at 22:41
finally I got it. Most important was, that I declared newsubjectEdit as final ... –  Lord Flash Jan 24 '11 at 22:59

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