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I want to intercept a constructor with Google guice.

I have added my annotation mark on TYPE but I have some problem with the "bindInterceptor"

If I write

                new ReactToLoadInterceptor());

This will run the interceptor on each method. (it's bad and it's normal)

bindInterceptor(                Matchers.any(),
                new ReactToLoadInterceptor());

If I run the code just below, I MUST put the annotation on the constructor method (it works) but I prefer to put this annotation on top of classes.

I just need a method Matchers for the constuctor method but I don't find it with some googling.

Can you help me ?

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No, it isn't possible to intercept constructor calls... only method calls. I don't know why you want to do this, but you may want to look in to Guice's SPI, specifically InjectionListener.

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