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So I'm going to start using data-uri's and mhtml to embed images in my stylesheets and i'm thinking of using Jammit to help me out there because it claims that it can generate data-uri and mhtml code for you

I know about the IE7 Vista||Win7 bug and that the fix is to close off the buondaries with a two dashes

If you look at the example mhtml file provided in the jammit docs you might notice that they do not use the fix detailed above for the IE7 bug.

Does Jammit handle the IE7 bug for you? I have no way of testing IE7 so I'd just like to be sure of this before I got off and spend hours trying to get it to work

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I don't think it's an IE7 bug. the Multipart MIME RFC (1341 and its successors) clearly calls for the extra "--" at the end of the last boundary. I would consider it a Jammit bug.

Update: I checked the source, and it looks like they've fixed that bug. The example was generated before the fix.

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many thanks, that clears everything up :) –  marflar Jan 24 '11 at 17:12

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