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I have an EntityQuery - addressList generated by Seam-gen for Entity Address.

Lets say that address has following fields : streetName and city, so Seam-gen generate restrictions for them.

I would like to extend my EntityQuery with a following restrictions: I have a field 'keyVal' which can be set in faces context with #{addressList.keyVal}. Lets supose that keyVal is aaa bbb ccc. Now the query should add restrictions which will be used to find all entities with:

streetName like '%aaa%' or  streetName like '%bbb%' or streetName like '%ccc%' 
 or city like '%aaa%' or  city like '%bbb%' or city like '%ccc%'

Do you have any suggestions how to achieve this? I am really stucked.

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The problem is EntityQuery does not support multiple value bindings on restrictions. See

You can work around this sometimes by creative use of your criteria class.

You can sometimes look at modifying the query. For example, if I have a single staffName input and I need to query where staff first name like the input OR staff last name like input, I can write my query like this:

private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS = {
    "lower(concat(s.firstName, concat(' ', s.lastName))) like concat('%', 
               concat(lower(#{criteria.staffName}), '%'))"};

Hopefully this gives you some ideas.

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Maybe you know if i am able to get the value of some context parameter(in my case '#{addressList.keyVal}'). I could then override getEjbql() method and add some restrictions based on value... – androdevo Jan 24 '11 at 22:49

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