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Good day to all. I need to put a class on paragraph tags in ckeditor. Inside config.js I added:


config.format_p = { element : 'p', attributes : { class : 'whatever' } };  


as in

The problem is that the class is not being recognized (paragraphs still don't have any class). Can anyone help pls?

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You might need to be more specific with your styling. If the paragraphs are inside a div named foo such as..

<div id="foo">
    <p class="bar">paragraph text</p>
    <p class="bar">paragraph text</p>

Then declare your style in the css file as (sample style declarations given)

#foo {
   color: #f3f3f3;
   font-weight: bold;

It helps to target the paragraphs where they are respective to the DOM to get the desired results. I hope this helps.

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