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In windows I know that no executable is created by the command "ghdl -e something"; in linux it is created. I have to give an input file to my executable. If I was at linux I can do that by ./something < input.inp however how can I do it in windows? cause no executable is created.

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Just to add, because I lost time with this: (in Windows)

ghdl -a "c:\superabsolutepath\test.vhdl" worked
ghdl -r my_test  resulted in: cannot load entity my_test

however, ghdl -d displayed everthing correctly (the vhdl file with an absolute path)

-->use no absolute paths, by default the user folder is used "C:\Users\Lode" , when I placed my vhdl file in that folder(and start with the command

ghdl -a test.vhdl
ghdl -r my_test

, everything works, fjoeew

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On windows, no executable is generated - you should use

ghdl -r work.foo

as described in the fine manual

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