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What topics should be covered in a thesis about website security?


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You may do better over on Security.StackExchange – ircmaxell Jan 24 '11 at 15:27

There are a lot to cover but I think some good ones are:

  1. SQL Injection (old but still relevant)
  2. Phishing
  3. Cross-site request forgery
  4. Session Hijacking (Mainly a network issue but still relevant)

Just to name some....

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It depends what you want to focus on really. Web site security is a broad field. Topics that jump to mind are:

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Perhaps also bot prevention (turing tests such as captchas etc.). I don't know if this fall under your definition of "website security" though. IMO in certain contexts bots certainly are a security hazard.

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There's a lot of material on this subject, but at a minimum, ensure you cover the subjects in the OWASP top ten project (recently re-published for last year) and have a good read through the whole of google's browser security handbook and you should be well on the way to understanding the basics of a good chunk of the most important issues.

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