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I'm building a site in Wordpress that needs will have a search facility and booking area for events. I've been going through how to set up it up with Custom posts and filtering by Custom Fields in Wordpress, but starting to think it would be easier to set up a third-party system and just embed their calendar, search facility etc. via an iFrame as I'm coming up against more and more problems.

I thought about a Google Calendar, but it seems you can't put HTML in the description, so my client won't be able to add links so to book the event nor style the text.

Are there any good systems (paid or not) that exist out there that I should take a look at?



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MyBB has a great calendar / event system http://www.mybb.com/features/calendar

Multiple calendars: The MyBB calendar functionality has support for multiple calendars. Calendars are created by forum administrators in the control panel and can have user group based permissions applied to them. Users that then have permission to access these calendars can create public or private events...

It is both intuitive and powerful (Free also)

ps. Since you are considering using iframes, most users won't even know about the forum software, unless you want them to... :)

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Thanks for this, looks interesting - only problem is that it's essentially a forum with a calendar integrated as opposed to an events management software. Thanks for the link! –  Osu Jan 25 '11 at 18:52
You are welcome...FYI: Just access the variables for each event and you have an "events management software." MyBB also includes a powerful task system which helps make it a type of "application framework" –  This_Is_Fun Jan 26 '11 at 8:19

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