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I have a model:

class Mymodel < ActiveRecord :: Base

  attr_accessible :the_date, :the_time, :the_event

  def the_date

  def the_time

  def the_event

My controller holds a array of methods names, which is used by view:

class Mycontroller < ApplicationController

  @methods=['the_date', 'the_time', 'the_event']

in my view index.html.haml, I would like to dynamically access the model methods:

  =mymodel.@methods[index] /IT DOES NOT WORK HERE!!

But, I can not dynamically call the model methods in this way: mymodel.@methods[index], how to have dynamical method call based on my sample code??

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@methods is an instance variable of your controller, not of your model. Assuming you want to call the method, try this:


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