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include "con.php" would find the con.php file in the current folder.

include "../con.php" would find it in the folder above.

What is the syntax to find it in the folder 2 above?

and lastly, what is the syntax to find it in the folder which is in the same "above one" folder? (like if i have a folder MAIN, with foldersONE and TWO in it. con.php is in TWO and the file to be run is in ONE)?


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do not address files this way. Always use absolute path –  Your Common Sense Jan 24 '11 at 15:07
Have to agree with @Col. Shrapnel. See my answer for an example of how to do this. –  middaparka Jan 24 '11 at 16:40

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This would get you 2 levels up.


Would take you one level up, and then down into TWO where con.php is.

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It's ../ for each folder, so ../../ for two folder.

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Whilst not entirely on-topic, I'd recommend creating a define for your "base" HTML directory and accessing all includes, images, etc. relative to that. (If you have a specific "includes" directory, you could of course create a specific define for that as well.)

For example:

define('__BASEPATH', str_replace('//', '/', $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/'), true);
include __BASEPATH.'includes/con.php';
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