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I am working on web based application. in this application, the web server calling one .vbs file in batch server which is in same network using Queueuing(QCP). that .vbs file calling so many files which have some busness logic.

The whole process taking log time to complete.

please give an tip to improve performance of this task.

Your help is appreciated.


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First thing on any performance tuning task - Measure what is taking the time. Sounds obvious but it may not be the component you think. Do this repeatedly and isolate down the component that is taking a disproportinate amount of time and then start tuning.

Jeff has quite a few blogs on this:



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Thanks for your reply. –  mahalingam Jan 25 '11 at 6:52
Thanks for your reply. Yes, you are right, we implemented time logging programming for all functionality in my application. i will try to dig more into that. Thanks a lot for your help –  mahalingam Jan 25 '11 at 6:59

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