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Is it possible to load an XML file from a domain that differs from scripts domain with pure javascript and without using a php/asp/jsp/... script as proxy?
Something like xmlHttpRequest but with ability to manage cross domain requests.


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You can use something called JSONP. I know the name sucks, because it's not really related to JSON. But this requires you have control over the other domain. You need to wrap your XML inside a function call, or assign it to a javascript variable:



var myxml = '<xml></xml>';

So if your other domain returns one of these two formats, you can use the <script src="http://otherdomain/yourjsonp"></script> syntax in your html to load that data in JavaScript. It's a little hacky but a lot of people use it.

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Hi, thanks. but it doesn't help me. actually I need to load other sites RSS and traverse it with pure JS. So I just can read files that are provided by others and that file is XML. –  4r1y4n Jan 24 '11 at 15:52
Sorry then it's not possible. –  Luca Matteis Jan 24 '11 at 15:56

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