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I want to setup a cron job that logs in to my facebook account, takes the latest checkin information for my friends, and then exports a JSON file with that information, so that I (and others) could use it somewhere else. As I have no experience with server-side scripting, do you think that this is possible? What would be an appropriate technology? I tried to use the Python SDK and I also had a look to FBCMD and miniFB but I'm having most difficulties in creating a session with my account info hardcoded to the script - all the rest doesn't seem that hard to implement.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could point me to the right direction!

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You could setup a cron to do a php script which gets your status. – user502039 Jan 29 '11 at 4:19
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This is not an exact answer to my question, but a cleaner and more elaborate way to solve the same problem. Facebook supports "Real-time updates" on their Graph API:

The Graph API supports real-time updates to enable your application using Facebook to subscribe to changes in data from Facebook. Your application caches data and receives updates, rather than polling Facebook’s servers. Caching data and using this API can improve the reliability of your application and decrease its load times.

That did the trick in my case, without the need to use crontab or anything similar.

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