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I'm developing an iPad Webapp and I've a problem with the startup screen. I have read that the image would be a png file with a resolution of 1004*768px in portrait mod. That's the case for me. The declaration of this image on startup is normally written like this : link href="startup.png" rel="apple-touch-startup-image" but it doesn't work fine...

Can somebody help me please ?

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Can you give us your existing code? It could be an error you missed beforehand. – Blender Jan 24 '11 at 16:40

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Just figured out how to do this, and it's similar to the apple-touch-icon setup.

Here's my example:

<link rel="apple-touch-startup-image" href="iPhonePortrait.png" />
<link rel="apple-touch-startup-image" sizes="768x1004" href="iPadPortait.png" />

Just set the "sizes" attribute to the specific width and height and mobile Safari should match it up correctly.

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