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I have about 100 directories all in the same parent directory that adhere to the naming convention [sitename].com. I want to rename them all [sitename].subdomain.com.

Here's what I tried:

for FILE in `ls | sed 's/.com//' | xargs`;mv $FILE.com $FILE.subdomain.com;

But it fails miserably. Any ideas?

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Using bash:

for i in *
    mv $i ${i%%.com}.subdomain.com

The ${i%%.com} construct returns the value of i without the '.com' suffix.

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Perfect. Thank you! –  Aaron Jan 24 '11 at 17:50

Use rename(1).

rename .com .subdomain.com *.com

And if you have a perl rename instead of the normal one, this works:

rename s/\\.com$/.subdomain.com/ *.com
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I think there's an extra period at the end of .com.. –  Jeremiah Willcock Jan 24 '11 at 17:49
Yeah, fixed that. –  Tonttu Jan 24 '11 at 17:51
I usually reach for mmv to solve that problem. Thanks for making me aware of another tool for it. –  Mark Tozzi Jan 24 '11 at 18:09

What about:

ls |
grep -Fv '.subdomain.com' |
while read FILE; do
  f=`basename "$FILE" .com`
  mv $f.com $f.subdomain.com
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See: http://blog.ivandemarino.me/2010/09/30/Rename-Subdirectories-in-a-Tree-the-Bash-way

# Simple Bash script to recursively rename Subdirectories in a Tree.
# Author: Ivan De Marino <ivan.demarino@betfair.com>
# Usage:
#    rename_subdirs.sh <starting directory> <new dir name> <old dir name>

usage () {
   echo "Simple Bash script to recursively rename Subdirectories in a Tree."
   echo "Author: Ivan De Marino <ivan.demarino@betfair.com>"
   echo "Usage:"
   echo "   rename_subdirs.sh <starting directory> <old dir name> <new dir name>"

   exit 1

[ "$#" -eq 3 ] || usage

   cd "$1"
   for dir in *
      if [ -d "$dir" ]; then
         echo "Directory found: '$dir'"
         ( recursive "$dir" "$2" "$3" )
         if [ "$dir" == "$2" ]; then
            echo "Renaming '$2' in '$3'"
            mv "$2" "$3"

recursive "$1" "$2" "$3"
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find . -name '*.com' -type d -maxdepth 1 \
| while read site; do
    mv "${site}" "${site%.com}.subdomain.com"
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Try this:

for FILE in `ls -d *.com`; do
  FNAME=`echo $FILE | sed 's/\.com//'`;
  `mv $FILE $FNAME.subdomain.com`;
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-1 for parsing output of ls and executing mv in an unnecessary subshell. –  Sorpigal Jan 24 '11 at 19:27

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