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This is my first attempt at ajax, and I've written a submit handler that parses a form and sends the data via POST to the server as a JSON string. Here is a simplified example of what my javascript looks like

formData = JSON.stringify({'testA':{'testa':'some data'},'testB':{'test2':'more data'}});

The JSON string looks like this

{"testA":{"test1":"some data"},"testB":{"test2":"more data"}}

and I send it via post here


On the server side is where the problem rears its ugly head, this is what my query dictionary looks like when I print if from the Django view

<QueryDict: {u'{"testA":{"test1":"some data"},"testB":{"test2":"more data"}}': [u'']}>

The JSON string is the key of the query dictionary. I am not very familiar with Javascript or JSON so don't be afraid of hurting my pride by pointing out an obvious newbie mistake, because I am and I know it. ;)


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You're sending the string as a parameter to $.post. Instead of calling "JSON.stringify()" yourself, just pass in your raw JavaScript object as the second parameter to $.post().

$.post("/some/form/page/", {'testA':{'testa':'some data'},'testB':{'test2':'more data'}}, updateForm, 'json');
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Ops, you're correct. I did not look at the last part. +1. – Anders Jan 24 '11 at 18:24

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