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I create videos programmatically via FFMPEG's API. The resulting files have issues with choppy playback, flickering, etc.

Are there any tools that can analyze audio/video for encoding errors? Or at least, dump the info for each frame (ie. PTS, frame type, etc).

Any other suggestions on troubleshooting this are greatly appreciated!

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I think you are looking for MPEG stream analyzer and miss the "stream analyzer" keyword for google query ;) There are many solutions, I do not have much experience (I have used some during my university classes). A few examples I know of include:

I do not know whether there is complex solution available for commercial purposes for free. As I said, I may be mistaken due to my limited contact with such software, but you can check above stated and google for more.

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thanks, i suspected my keywords were off! –  Saideira Jan 26 '11 at 20:17

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